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Latest Propaganda by Pakistani Government and Media Hawks

November 17, 2009

Killing their own people for more financial and defense aid apart from pleasing west for mouth watering deals and offers the hawkish Pakistani government and media are not missing any opportunity for blaming India.

Refer the links at the end for full understanding and for further details.

This is new kind of war from the terrorist state of Pakistan. The real motive behind this is not hard to understand considering the present economic and social condition of terrorist nation. This is not only about blaming India or destabilizing the nation of peace and love but its about efforts of spoiling our efforts in rebuilding Afghanistan and regarding our improving relations with west.

Pakistan being terrorist nation will never let peace to prevail in the the region, because if there will be no terror there will be no Pakistan. Pakistan survives by breeding and spreading terror. Producing terror, terrorists, hate in the name of religion is the only industry in Pakistan. There are reports that even after the long time war on terror in Pakistan and Afghanistan the  terrorist training camps funded by Hawkish Pakistani Government are still flourishing in Pakistan and are still the major source for receiving huge amount of funds in the name of Islam, Jihad and Holy War. The sick Pakistani media is providing full support to the Government by spreading the false flag propaganda about India, Israel, Blackwater, CIA, etc. What about ISI? Well ISI is in business of training the terrorists in those training camps and also the high ranking sick Pakistani Army personals are working as trainers in those camps.

Double Games

Yes! they are back on it. Pakistan army on the one side is fighting war on terror with the support of NATO and US forces and on the other hand they are producing more and more terrorists (taliban and al quaeda). The recent analysis shows that Pakistan is producing twice the number of terrorists then they are being killed. Large number of arms and ammunition is being provided to the terror groups to fight NATO and US forces. Pakistan is earning huge benifits from both sides as the Hawkish Pakistani government does not want the US forces to leave Afghanistan because if the American Forces are gone then the financial and Military aid to Pakistan will stop. We all know what that means to Pakistan with no Industry, Infrastructure, etc. in place to support the people. What ever aid Pakistan have recieved during the past decade from the west have been and is being utilised to breede and spread terror, in creating more and more terrorist training camps and by modifying and developing advanced weapons to use against India. Forget about investing in industry, education, infrastructure, etc. because Pakistan is resource pool of terrorists. If the nation gets developed and if the people get educated (outside madarsas) then there will be shortage of terrorists aka holy warriors and Hawkish Pakistani Designs of “Earn and Survive by Terror” will fail, which they will never allow to happen.

The terrorists running the Terror state of Pakistan have been shouting for long now about Indian involvement  in terror attacks in Pakistan, supporting taliban in Afghanistan, etc. but they are forgetting that they just cannot divert Indian and global attention from what Pakistan have been doing in India and to world from Past 3-4 decades in the name of Kashmir.

It has been proven again and again that Pakistan is the only nation involved in spreading terror on globe, from ISI executed attacks of Twin Towers, Indian Parliament, Taj Hotel, US Ambassy, London Underground to everything. ISI is very strong organisation and as rightly said by Hilary Clinton that its hard to digest the fact that Pakistan Government and ISI is not aware of where the Taliban and Al Qaeda are hiding. Similarly its hard to believe that something  as big as 9/11 gets planned in Pakistan and Afganistan by Pakistani and Afghani terrorists and ISI and Pakistani Army was not involved. They are the one who plan the draft, train, fund and provide links and tools to execute the attacks. Afghans and Bin Laden cannot do this.

Also its hard to believe that Pakistan Government didn’t blamed the 9/11 attacks on India and RAW. Who knows maybe the did secretly.

Alert India


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