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I Spit on Your Corpse, I Piss on Your Grave

November 16, 2009

“I Spit on Your Corpse, I Piss on Your Grave” Yes! this is what India is indicating to her notorious and ugly neighbors. Yes! its about Pakistan and China.

The latest development and modernization and expansion plans of Indian Defense Forces are giving world (not only Pakistan and China) sleepless nights, but they are one responsible for it. From Pakistan begging, stealing and modifying its advance weapons to China spending madly on its Army to trying to encircle India by building ports and bases all across India. How can one imagine that India will sit and watch all this happening quietly?

India is prepairing herself for any misadvanture from any sick country. This is not about power or about flexing muscles but its about maintaining balance and staying ahead of the competition. Forget Pakistan for now as this tiny sick and ugly bug is not capable of making a big and direct impact other than sending terrorists. Lets talk about China the so called power in Asia. Well its not hidden anymore that China is dying a slow death due to its own poisonous policies and all it holds is a large reserve of sick and dying currency “The US Dollar”. China is very much worried of large US Currency reserve and is finding ways to get rid of it. Buy gold…how much? There is not enough available as of now with India already buying 200 tonnes recently. Produce and sell cheap crap to US and Europe….with reducing buying capacity of west and rising unemployment and inflation this is not going to save China from coming economic crisis in China.

China trying to snatch parts of India and showing agression is all part of the game to divert the attention of its own people and world. Take a note here that considering what India today is China dont have enough guts to even think of attacking India anytime in future. Ask any defense experts about Chinese Military and he’ll tell you only one thing that its about numbers. That’s it. Period. They lack the advance technology and strategies required to win any war. Their Navy, Air force, Infantry etc. are all about numbers. We all know the quality and reliability of Chinese products. You just can’t copy and produce stuff without understanding the Technology behind it. That’s all about Chinese technology for now.

Now lets talk about Pakistan. Apart from being ugly and sick this tiny bug is all about making creepy noises. Not good of anything and not capable of producing anything other than terror and terrorists is now struggling to survive against its own product “The Terrorists”.

Now when they are loosing battle against their own product they are trying to run away from humiliation by blaming India for their defeat in their own country by their own people. With their brothers the so called “Holy Warriors” blowing up holes in their own nation. Pakistan is worse than Cancer and Plague. World will be much better place with nothing like Pakistan on the Globe. This is not a wish or statement its future its going to happen very soon.

We cant blame others for our bad habits and addictions just like everyone is trying to blame America and west for present conditions of Pakistan. Pakistanis are one who wanted to breed holy warriors, they are the one who offered their ugly ass to America, they are one who wanted advanced weapons, Nukes, lots of dollars to produce and spread terror, they are the one who wanted to see their mothers, daughters and sisters to have American babies…….so now when they are getting all this why the hell they are crying for mercy?

Apart from all this what makes us laugh is that not even being capable of standing on their own legs Pakistan wants to compete with India. Even worse they threat India based on Nukes and Terrorists….strange but true. But they forget that even before they will realize that they have been attacked Pakistan as a nation wont be there on World Map.

So the conclusion is that China no matter what everyone says, no matter how many ships, troops, missiles or jets they have will never develop enough guts to attack India as this will their last assault on any nation. Pakistan is already dead and is in the process of being burried with all the customs.

India is already a Global Power and is the future Super Power with all the nations wanting a pie of their sucess by linking their economies and policies with India.

After being tortured, used, played and tested by almost all the nations India is ready for new role as a leading global power and to bury all her enemies in Hell.

Alert India

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