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Pakistan worried of ‘robust’, ‘multifaceted’ Indo-US ties: Haqqani

November 13, 2009

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Husain Haqqani has said that Islamabad is worried by the strengthening Indo-US ties.

Describing Indo-US ties as ‘robust’ and ‘multifaceted’, Haqqani pointed out that strong ties between India and the US is one of the biggest causes of worries for Islamabad.

“Pakistan is wary of the Indo-U.S. relationship, which is robust and multifaceted, and the US would have to treat Pakistan at par to win over Pakistani trust. India is Boeing’s largest customer, and also that 26 members of the Obama administration are Indian-American. Facts like these naturally make Pakistan nervous,” Haqqani said.

According to The Hill, a US newspaper that covers the US Congress, Haqqani during a roundtable discussion, reviewed Pakistan’s current status and ‘offered a candid assessment of where the country stands.’

Washington should not ignore Islamabad’s concerns about country’s sovereignty and the impending threat from neighbouring states, he added.

Haqqani pointed out that Pakistanis believed that the US has long ‘used’ their country and not considered it as an ally.

Describing  Hillary Clinton’s recent Pakistan tour as ’significant’, he said Clinton had tried her best to demonstrate that the Obama administration is genuinely concerned with Pakistan’s welfare and development.

“One high-profile visit is unlikely to do much, because many of Pakistan’s difficulties are historically rooted. Pakistanis had no idea what suicide bombers were prior to 9/11. The U.S. supported radical Islamists in their fight against the Soviet Union, but it is precisely those extremists who are now waging jihad across the globe, including in Pakistan. Many Pakistanis regard the Taliban as an existential threat to their country,” the Nation quoted Haqqani, as saying. (ANI)

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