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Pakistan Radio ‘discovers’ that India never cooperated for peace in the region since 1947

November 13, 2009

ABOHAR – Having become known the world over as the epicentre and haven of terrorism, Pakistan is now projecting through the Punjabi Darbar programme that India has not been cooperating in maintaining peace and tranquillity in the region since 1947.

The latest allegation has surprised the people living along the border in Indian side. Professor Ajay Khosla, a historian, said: “If you try to harm somebody, in turn, you are bound to become a victim. And it is quite evident from today’s scenario that Pakistan is facing the problem of terrorism as it has tried to spread terrorism in Punjab, Assam and Kashmir. Pakistan promoted Taliban for its self-interest and now Taliban itself is posing a threat. “

“We are neighbours and the relations between two countries can be improved if the people and the governments of both the countries take proper steps. India has always tried to promote message of peace during talks in Lahore or Karachi but Pakistan attacked India soon after the talks in Kargil and Kashmir. It is important for Pakistan not to get obsessed with the past, but strive to think positive and work for a better future,” Prof. Khosla added.

It is pity that Pakistan was led by persons like President Pervez Musharraf who publicly acknowledged that the funds received for its war against terror from the U.S was used to build up its armed forces to fight the Indian Army.

What kind of cooperation does Pakistan expects from India? Has India not been of help when Pakistan-held Kashmir suffered damage during the earthquake? India took the initiative to resume dialogue for peace on so many occasions and kept the Samjhauta Express running keeping people’s wishes in mind.

The broadcasters of the Radio Pakistan should realise that India has always been wanting to live in peace with Pakistan. The Taliban and other extremist elements are short-sighted and have not allowed peace to prevail.

India has always been working for peace and will continue to do so. (ANI)

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