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US-Israeli Missile Defense War Game Signals Israeli Attack on Iran!

October 31, 2009
  • Wars and rumours of wars! The coming attack on Iran is about oil! Control oil and the pipeline infrastructures and you control the world! In particular, you control China! And China is clearly a big future threat to the western Illuminati cabal. China can effectively break the entire financial and fiat currency USD hegemony by itself. The way I see it the Satanic cabal is priming India to take on China in a coming war. Both will mutually destroy one another and the western Illuminati rulers win.
  • What most people don’t see is: Iranians, Russians and the Chinese are no idiots. Do we really think Russia and China will just sit idly by and not understand the significance of the conquest of Iran? I don’t think so. War is about deception. Let your enemies think you are stupid. Let them think you are weak and they are extremely strong. Russia is playing possum. Iran is acting out their script. Why are they behaving like they don’t believe America and Israel will attack? How about this: it is all an act to get America and in particular Israel to attack.
  • In war you choose the time and place to fight. You disguise your preparations and use surprise. The Russian bear trap is in place! Yes, both Iran and Russia are expecting/wanting the attack to spring a massive surprise. Remember the Russians are great chess players. It is in their culture to think strategically and tactically. Meanwhile, the Chinese, I am quite sure, has already planned what their military involvement will be. Hubris and pride will lead to America and Israel’s downfall should they attack Iran. Let’s hope all these war mongering fade away and all these war idiots get fired! We will know by 5 Nov 2009, the last day of the Juniper Cobra ‘Exercise’, whether war or peace?
  • Paul Craig Roberts writes :

    There’s no word in the Western press, but Al Jazeera reports that the US and Israel are conducting tests of the high altitude missile defense system that the US has provided to Israel.

    The anti-missile system is useless against the short range rockets of Hamas and Hezbollah. Its purpose is to protect Israel from longer range Iranian missiles. Everyone understands that Iran would not attack Israel except in retaliation. It is logical to conclude that the missile defense system signals an upcoming Israeli attack on Iran.

    If the US were opposed to an Israeli attack on Iran, the US would not provide Israel with protection against retaliation and would not engage in war games with Israel to test the system. The best way to prevent an Israeli attack on Iran is to leave Israel open to retaliation.

    This decision by the United States government is irresponsible in the extreme. It enables Israel to spread aggression in the Middle East. By signaling an attack, it would encourage a less cautious country than Iran to strike first before the Israeli missile defense system is operative.

    The joint US-Israeli war games involving 2000 troops from the US European Command, the Israeli Army, and 17 US Navy ships is further indication to the world that no matter what crimes the Israelis commit, the US will protect Israel from being held accountable.

    In the world today, the US and Israel are the two threats to peace.

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