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Lebanon Warns UN: Israel Planning to Attack Us !

October 31, 2009
  • War or peace? Who knows? There are so much preparation at the Lebanon-Israel border it would not surprise anyone. Israel as a nation seems to need war to survive. The usual strategy of uniting disparate people via a common enemy, imaginary or real. A sick philosophy that promotes fear, hatred and war. The Mossad philosophy is:  ‘By Way of Deception, thou shalt do War’. Zionists have used false flag attacks to start many wars. Will they use another one and drag America into this regional middle east war?
  • The Zionist state always paint itself as a victim and if they don’t pre-emptively attack others, they will be destroyed. This is nonsense. Israel is the biggest threat to peace in the middle east. The Zionists have consistently proven themselves to be the aggressors! Which country in the middle east has the largest army with the most advance weaponry? Which country has 200-400 nuclear bombs? To say that Palestinians are a threat to their national security is nonsense. It is like a caveman going against the Terminator. The Palestinians have been systematically decimated by a calculated holocaust. Haaretz reports:

    Lebanon’s ambassador to the United Nations has warned that Israel is exhibiting signs of an imminent attack on his country, the Lebanese newspaper Al-Hayyat reported on Friday. Ambassador  Noaf Salaam sent missives to the United Nations secretary general and to the Security Council condemning Israel’s recent artillery fire on the village of Houla, the site where a Katyusha rocket was fired at the Upper Galilee last week.

    Salaam called the artillery fire a clear violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty as well as of UN Resolution 1701, which saw a truce between Israel and Lebanon following the 2006 war. According to Al-Hayyat, Salaam described in his missive repeated Israeli threats against the Lebanese government and citizens, an expression he believes signals Israeli plans for to attack.

    Salaam also said that the Israeli decision to bomb Lebanese territory following every Katyusha attack delayed and prevented Lebanese forces from investigating the rocket attacks. Lebanese troops found and dismantled four rockets ready for launching near the border with Israel last Wednesday, a day after the Katyusha was launched from the southern village.

    The Katyusha fire was the first such incident since last month, and the ninth since the Second Lebanon War. The attack drew a rapid response from Israeli artillery in a brief flare-up across the border. Neither the rocket nor the artillery caused casualties.

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