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Peaceful relations with India would skyrocket Pak’s economy: Clinton

October 29, 2009

LAHORE – US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has told Pakistan that if had peaceful relations with India, its economic developments would skyrocket.

“If there were peace between Pakistan and India, and the outstanding issues were resolved, Pakistan would take off like a rocket in terms of economic development,” The Dawn quoted Clinton, as saying.

Referring to possibility of opening up trade frontiers up to north, east and west, Clinton said: “Pakistan has such an opportunity to be a powerhouse. You are so strategically located.”

Clinton, who says the United States wants to ‘turn the page’ on its relationship with Pakistan, is devoting significant energy to public diplomacy to counter rising Pakistani criticism of the alliance with Washington.

Her visit to Lahore, which has been hit by a series of gun, suicide and grenade attacks this year, has been accompanied by draconian security measures a day after a car bomb killed 104 in Peshawar.

She said the “horrific bombing” in the northwestern city left no doubt that “Pakistan is in the midst of a battle against extremists”.

“This is not your fight alone… You’re standing on the frontlines of this battle but we are standing with you,” she said. (ANI)

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